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Organizing is like exercising. Sometimes you don't feel like doing it.


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Hive G

11 Partitions
9.45  x  3.94
x 15.75 inch

Hive Shoes

5 Partitions
10.24  x  11.41
x 15.75 inch

Hive Jeans

5 Partitions
9.85  x  7.88
x  15.75 inch


Hive GG

10  Partitions
11.1  x  3.94
x 15.75 inch 

Silvana Fontana

I am Silvana Fontana Certified Organizer,
I have decided to professionalize the innate pleasure that I have for the organization. My goal is to help people with the disorder that surrounds them every day in their home or business so that they can have control over their spaces and over their life. Everything is a matter of balance and finding the best system that suits what each person needs. That is why our work is not only focused on the organizational system, but also on teaching them how to maintain it over time.

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Do you want to have your house organized as it appears in social media, and do not know where to start? Do not worry we are experts in the organization and we will help you. We will sit down and make an action plan focused at your day-to-day needs.

"Organize your home; organize your life"


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